Look Fab! Be Great! Modelling Guide Books
Look Fab! Be Great! A Complete Guide on How to get Ahead in the World of Modelling Want to be a model? This Studio Aitch book takes you on a modelling journey. From the why you want to be a model and what you have to offer, want you want to achieve, be it fun, a living or a career, all the way through to organising your own photo shoots, brand, and marketing yourself. It is a guide to becoming a complete, professional package, in addition to the posing or looking good, which lets face it, anyway can do if they want to. 
156 pages paperback. Colour and Black & White Versions Available.

Look Fab! Be Great! Fashion Posing Ideas

“Look Fab! Be Great! Fashion Posing Ideas” is a full colour pictorial guide on how to pose as a fashion model. Containing over 160 full colour pictures and conveniently divided up into 12 chapters for easy reference, this book is suitable for both models and photographers a like. Written from the experience of a photographer and studio owner who has worked with a variety of models, from the beginner to experienced, published models, the book is presented in a chronological format from standing poses all the way through to lying down poses and everything in between. This allows you to quickly find a suitable pose. 

166 pages paperback. Colour and Black & White Versions Available.

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